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SWPE Services
Aquifer Mapping

Aquifer Mapping is a multi-disciplinary holistic scientific approach for aquifer characterization. Mapping of Aquifers helps to determine the quantity and the quality of groundwater in a particular area

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CBM Exploration Services

Coalbed methane (CBM) or coal-mine methane (CMM) is a form of natural greenhouse gas, which remains trapped in underground coal seams and is extracted, not only as a safety measure prior ...

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CBM Production Services

CBM recovery process requires drilling boreholes into a coal deposit and pumping out the ground water contained therein, thereby de-pressurising the coal seam and thus allowing the gas to be released from the cleats & fissures of the coal matrix, up the bore well.

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Coal & Mineral Drilling Services

Core Drilling , RC (Reverse Circulation) Drilling , DTH (Down –the-Hole) Drilling & LD (Large Diameter) Drilling are some of the main forms of Mineral Exploration Drilling. SWPE is one of the key players in providing services...

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Geological & Geophysical Services

SWPE has a strong Geological & Geophysical Services Division with a team of 15 experienced Geoscientists, and is capable of providing on-site integrated exploration services, both for coal and other mineral resources like – Limestone, Atomic Minerals etc.

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Workover Rig Services

Workover rig Services are required for a lot of applications i.e. to help prolong the productive life of an oil or gas well, routine repair and maintenance of oil and gas wells, recompletion of wells, re-drilling, and plug operations.

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About SWPE

South West Pinnacle Exploration Limited. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified and is one of the fastest growing private exploration services company in India, in the field of Mineral & Unconventional Energy resources.
Since its inception in 2006 , SWPE took its first step in the field of drilling and exploration services in the year 2007 with just a small fleet of two drill machines . Over the years the company evolved not only in terms of manpower and fleet size but also in terms of varied expertise , which it could offer to its ever increasing customer base from exploration of mineral and coal , to CBM (Coal Bed Methane) exploration & production, Aquifer Mapping and providing Gelogical & Geophysical services etc. .

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