• 2006
  • 2007
    • Spudding of First Slim size Core hole for Kimberlite exploration for Rio Tinto India in Jan 2007.
    • First set of 2 nos. Of High Tech Drilling Rigs (Atlas Copco CS14 Core Drilling Rigs) inducted
  • 2008
    • Large diameter Coring (LDC)Technology implemented for Rio Tinto India for their Bunder Project in Madhya Pradesh.
    • Started Core Hole Drilling for a major Chromite exploration project in Odisha for Tata Steel Limited.
    • Spudding of first CBM Exploratory Core Hole Drilling for Arrow India Limited.
    • Total number of Drilling Rigs increased to 4
  • 2009
    • Successfully drilled a core hole upto a depth of 834m for Chromite Exploration at Sukhinda Chromite Mines for Tata Steel Limited.
    • Fleet Size of Drilling Rigs increased to 7
  • 2010
    • Successfully drilled a Large Diameter Core Hole of 8” Core upto a depth of 351m for Kimberlite.
    • Total number of Drilling Rigs increased to 10.
  • 2011
    • Won the 1st Government Exploration Project in the State of JHARKHAND for DMG Jharkhand.
    • Induction of the first Geophysical Logging Unit in the Company.
    • Population of total number of Drilling Rigs increased to 16.
  • 2012
    • Full Suite of Geological Services launched by SWPE.
    • Started 1st Overseas Drilling Program for Multi-Metal exploration in SULTANATE OF OMAN.
    • Won contracts for 3 nos. Of Detailed Coal Exploration in the state of JHARKHAND for CMPDI
    • RC (Reverse Circulation) Drilling introduced in SWPE. Started its 1st RC Drilling Project for Iron Ore Exploration for Tata Steel Limited.
    • Fleet Size of Drilling Rigs increased to 22.
  • 2013
    • Completed 40 nos. Of Core Holes in CBM Exploration for 4 CBM Blocks.
    • 2 nos. Of CBM Production Drilling Rigs inducted in SWPE.
    • Won a prestigious CBM Production Well Drilling Contract for RIL.
    • No. of Drilling Rigs increased to 24.
  • 2014
    • Completion of 50 CBM Production Wells in just 8 months time.
    • Successfully completed drilling & field geological activities in 2 major Coal Exploration Programs.
    • Successfully drilled a Core Hole upto a depth of 1300m for Zinc Exploration.
    • Started a major Detailed Coal Exploration Program in the state of CHATTISGARH
    • Resistivity & Magnetic Surveys introduced in SWPE & also completed the first Resistivity & Magnetic Survey.
    • Population of Drilling Rigs go upto 26
  • 2015
    • Successful completion of drilling of 100 CBM Production Wells
    • Won the first Geophysical Logging Contract for the exploration of ATOMIC MINERALS.
    • Submitted Geological Report for a Coal Block explored by SWPE, with 78,000 m of core drilling in 176 boreholes with approx. 40,000 m of geophysical logging in a time period of merely 27 months.
    • Fleet Size of Drilling Rigs increased to 29.
    • Successful completion of 50 Exploratory Projects both in India & Overseas.
  • 2016
    • Successful completion of drilling of 150 CBM Production Wells.
    • SWPE Family count crossed 500 plus members
    • Successful completion of Single Core Hole Drilling of 1546m of Zinc at Zawar for HINDUSTAN ZINC LTD. (HZL).
    • Marked 10 years of SWPE with more than 60 operations completed with Zero LTI incident.
    • Fleet Size of Drilling Rigs go upto 31.
    • Acquisition of its first HDD rig through its Subsidiary Pilot Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
  • 2017
    • Successful completion of CBM production Drilling Contract for Reliance Industries Limited without a single LTI.
    • Diversification of SWPE in the field of AQUIFER MAPPING.
    • ISO 9001:2015 Certification awarded to SWPE.
    • Acquisition of state of Art High-tech Top Drive Self-Propelled SCHRAMM TXD Drilling Rig with a pullback capacity of 200,000 lbs., for Shale, CBM, Oil & Gas Exploration.
    • Number of Drilling Rigs Increased to 37.
  • 2018
    • Listing of company on NSE emerge Platform.
    • Entering into Lift Canal Irrigation business by securing contract from OLIC, Odisha.
    • Venturing into HDD OFC .
    • Acquisition of 35% stake in Alara Resources LLC, Oman for venturing into drilling and mining business in Middle East
  • 2019
    • Migration from NSE emerge platform to NSE main board.
    • Venturing into Seismic business by securing 3D acquisition and processing contract from Oil India Limited.
    • Acquisition of remaining 45% shares in Pilot Pipelines Pvt. Ltd. to make it fully owned (100%) subsidiary of SWPE.
    • Shale gas exploration for Geological Survey Ireland (GSI).
  • 2020
      2D/3D Seismic and Exploration for Coal

      First company to be awarded integrated project of 2D/3D seismic and exploration for coal by Central Mine Planning & Design Institute Ltd & bagged orders worth over Rs. 88.27 crores(approx).

      Passive Seismic Tomography (PST)

      Passive Seismic Tomography (PST) Awarded a prestigious contract from Oil India Limited, Assam having value of Rs. 40.66 crores (Euro 45 million) approx. for Passive Seismic Tomography (PST) Survey for exploration of Oil & Gas.

  • 2021
      Jogeshwar and Khas Jogeshwar coal block

      Entered into the field of Coal mining through Government initiative to allot commercial coal blocks to private players and got Vesting order by Ministry of Coal & Mines, Govt of India for Jogeshwar and Khas Jogeshwar coal block in September 2021.

      Copper Mining in Oman

      Signed a Long-Term Mining contract for copper mining of approx. 63 million tons in Oman through our JV Alara Resources LLC, Oman. The aggregate value of contract is around Rs. 125 million USD which shall be executed for a period of 11 years.