CBM Production Services

Coalbed methane (CBM) or coal-mine methane (CMM) is a form of natural greenhouse gas, which remains trapped in underground coal seams and is extracted, not only as a safety measure prior to mining the coal, but also for various domestic, commercial and industrial purposes. CBM is considered to be the most potential source of clean energy and hence is used as a fuel for power generation through gas fired generators.

CBM Production Drilling

CBM recovery process requires drilling boreholes into a coal deposit and pumping out the ground water contained therein, thereby de-pressurising the coal seam and thus allowing the gas to be released from the cleats & fissures of the coal matrix, up the bore well. High permeability, thick seams and high gas content are some of the crucial factors which are taken into account to evaluate the commercial viability of CBM projects. Retrieving trapped methane also helps minimise mining hazards and environmental impact.

SWPE has 2 nos. Of CBM Production Drilling Rigs that are capable of drilling upto 1500 m depths

SWPE has accomplished the feat of having drilled 162 nos. of CBM Production wells upto 1200 m depths, for its customer RELIANCE INDUSTRIES LTD.